A warm welcome from Mr Price

Rouge Bouillon is a vibrant, inclusive Primary School for children from 4 to 11 years old, serving a multicultural community within the heart of St. Helier.

We are a relatively large school, with two forms of entry. We have a 30 place nursery and an Additional Resource Centre (ARC) which allows us to teach up to 16 pupils with autism spectrum conditions, integrated into classes throughout the school. We currently have around 420 pupils on role.

We have strongly embedded Core Values which encapsulate what we believe in and foster in the children in our care:
Respect - We RESPECT each other, ourselves and our environment.
Believe - We BELIEVE in ourselves, our skills and our ability to learn.
Succeed - We can all SUCCEED if we try.

It is through these values that we aim to develop young people to be creative, independent, believe in themselves and are driven to succeed, while also being caring, empathetic and able to work collaboratively within a team.

Rouge Bouillon is unique within Jersey for the sheer diversity of languages spoken within the school, with over two thirds of children being either bilingual or multilingual. Perhaps it is because of this diversity and our strong core values that it is an extremely welcoming school where our differences are not just accepted, but openly celebrated.

Mr Price, Headteacher

Vision Statement

Rouge Bouillon is an equitable, inclusive school that celebrates diversity and difference and respects the rights of all.

We aim to nurture thoughtful, articulate children who believe in themselves, through a challenging, language-rich approach which promotes reflection, oracy and the development of a wide vocabulary.

We provide a richness of experience and opportunity for our children through an engaging, broad, balanced curriculum and enriching extra-curricular opportunities which enable them to succeed.

Core Values
• We respect each other, ourselves and our environment.
• We believe in ourselves, our skills and our ability to learn.
• We can all succeed if we try.

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