At Rouge Bouillon we offer a range of clubs to suit all interests.

Before school sports clubs

8.15am prompt start

Monday Dodgeball Years 3 and 4
Tuesday Just Dance Years 2 to 6
Wednesday Fun fitness circuits Years 5 and 6
Thursday Try sports Years 2 and 3
Friday Fun activity day Years 2 to 6

Lunchtime and after school clubs


Lunchtime Football Year 3
3 – 4.30pm A and B team football


Lunchtime Football Year 3
3 – 4pm ball Sports

3 – 4pm Netball


Lunchtime Boomwhacker Orchestra Years 3+
Year 5 football
3 – 4pm Choir Years 5 and 6
3 – 4pm Football for all
3 – 4pm Mick’s Kickboxing


Lunchtime Girls football
3 – 4pm Girl’s Sports Club


Lunchtime Year 6 football

Additional activities

We are also very fortunate to have a variety of additional activities and opportunities for pupils to participate in during the school year. These include (some dependent on age and/or ability):
• Caesarean Tennis Tournament
• JPSSA Cross Country Race at Les Quennevais
• Y6 Sports Festival at Fort Regent
• Jersey Tag Rugby Tournament
• JPSSA Athletics Competition at the FB Fields
• Beach safety and awareness workshop
• Girls’ Football tournaments
• Swimarathon

Residential Trips

Year 4 have a residential trip to the Scout Hut along the Five Mile Road in St Ouen. Here they experience a variety of activities such as foraging, beachcombing and cooking. This involves an overnight stay.

We offer a range of residential trips to enrich and support the curriculum studied at school. These are for pupils in key stage 2.

Year 5 enjoy staying at Crabbe on the north coast of the Island. They experience orienteering, shelter making, cooking and an action packed beach day.

Year 6 have a fantastic time at Chateau de Tetre in northern Brittany. They experience a week of amazing activities such as abseiling, climbing, canoeing, cycling, archery and orienteering. They also have the opportunity to practise their French speaking skills.